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Red Stage Entertainment

Red Stage Entertainment Oy is a small and lovable Indie Game studio located in the left kidney of Finland (Tampere).


Underneath Red Stage there is a beating heart of a storyteller. We want to tell meaningful stories, full of diverse characters and ultimately we aim to make people (and ourselves) happier.

The Team

The People of Red Stage
Marjaana Auranen. Co-owner and Managing Partner of Red Stage Entertainment. The writer and producer of Skábma - Snowfall. Skabma.
Marjaana Auranen


Equipped with the magical ability to create storyworlds out of thin air, write Bios of herself in 3rd person and scavenge resources needed to make a game, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Sahin Cengiz. Co-owner and Managing partner of Red Stage Entertainment. Director and designer of Skábma - Snowfall. Skabma.
Sahin Cengiz


No one really knows if Sahin ever sleeps or has a home; sightings outside of the office are few and far between, a fabled Legend only uttered by some. The ultimate hero of this quest of "getting things done"

Ulla Leppänen


Ulla's special power is understanding the language of bookkeeping. She is on the verge of starting her book series "How to explain smart charts to not so smart: an epic about explaining to Minibosses that the numbers typed to charts do actually affect the outcome."

Kimmo Keskinen. Lead programmer of Red Stage Entertainment. Skábma - Snowfall team.
Kimmo Keskinen

Lead Programmer

Juho Joensuu

Tech Lead

Vera Löfberg


Teppo Hyttinen

Level Designer

Nea Kontio. Art & animation Lead in Red Stage Entertainment. Skábma - Snowfall team.
Nea Kontio

Art & Animation

Jaakko Liukkala. Lead Sound Designer in Red Stage Entertainment. Skábma - Snowfall team.
Jaakko Liukkala

Sound Design Lead

Eetu Tähtinen. Sound Designer. Skábma - Snowfall team.
Eetu Tähtinen

Sound Designer

Mark Malyshev. Composer of Skábma - Snowfall.
Mark Malyshev


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